• (Español) Creamos nuevos productos que son superventas


    (Español) Creamos nuevos productos que son superventas

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    Crear experiencias de uso dentro de las sucursales bancarias

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    Nonfinancial product’s sale in the banking branches

    If we have to define the four retail keys, those concepts that all the models independently look for the sector in which they operate, they would probably be: increase the traffic, elevate the average ticket,...

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    Low Cost, High Value


    The most important innovation in recent years

    As an expert, I am often asked about ‘the most important innovation in recent years’, understood as business model innovation instead of research and development. This is a complex question which has more than one...

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    Managing shortage


    La sobre oferta de productos y servicios se ha instalado en nuestros mercados

    As a result of the sudden appearance of economic recession, the over supply of products and services has settled in our markets. Companies have had to adapt their strategies quickly in order to live and...

Power to retailers!!!

15 Mar 11 5904   icoConsumo
I will not deny that I am especially fond of companies framed within the concept of retail. As with many other novel concepts, there are numerous interpretations of it; the Oxford Dictionary of Business reads: a retailer is a ‘distributor which sells goods and services to consumers. There are three categories of retailers: multiple shops,...

The thin red line

1 Mar 11 11   icoretail
Have you ever wondered why some brands stand the test of time in a better way than others? Or... why do some brands constitute the base for a wide product diversification while others can only bear only one reference? Finally, why do some brands constitute the entrance to a wide user’s experience and retail model while others have remained as an old relic?

When a good product can create a category

24 Feb 11 icocase studies
Comodynes: from the make-up remover napkin to practical cosmetics. There are products that emerge to satisfy a specific need but they do it with such distinction and strength that they become the origin of the creation of a new category of products worldwide. Comodynes was conceived as a make-up remover napkin developed by Dermofarm laboratories....

From mass consumption codes to the small electrical appliance and cosmetics

5 Feb 11 icocase studies
Ambience home design for Reckitt Benckiser. Our homes are swamped by offers of new products; the borderline between naturalizing their consumption and turning them into a single-use gadget is weak and very thin. The success attained by the fact that this type of products may not turn into a fast and fleeting consumption gadget depends...

From “made in Spain” to “thought in Spain”

16 Jan 11 9   icoEmpresa
In the 70’s and 80’s Europe was undergoing a period of strong industrial development and expansion, and the Spanish way of life was not too well perceived by our European neighbors. Today, on the other hand, with a well-developed industrial sector and a focus on services, Spain is admired and envied. Industrial products such as...

The creation of a new category for Zumex

20 Oct 10 icocase studies
I have once heard the following comment: We live in a society in which if you are 2.10 m tall, you have good chances of becoming a social misfit; except if you play basketball! in which case you would stand a good chance of becoming a society star. The value is also a matter of...

'Alfa’ food preservation

27 Jul 10 icocase studies
‘Alfa’ is undoubtedly one of the brands with the greatest history and recognition within the Spanish market. Originated in Eibar in the Basque Country and having developed its activity for more than 80 years, the popular ‘Alfa’ sewing machines have become part of our daily and iconographic history; its products, brands and advertising campaigns have become a referent of our design, marketing and advertising.

ORACLE – 6th Leaders Club

10 Dec 09 icoconferencias
Ponencia: Las 5 actitudes claves para innovar En el 6th Leaders Club -Sala Oracle Fun (Madrid) 11 de Diciembre

Innovación, fuente de liderazgo

19 Nov 09 icoconferencias
En las III Jornadas de Innovación en el Cluster Portuario, el 17 de noviembre de 2009 Ponencia: Innovación, fuente de liderazgo [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-6zZmhlJV8[/youtube]


(Español) En Loop trabajamos para que nuestros clientes de los sectores de Banca y Retail aumenten el tráfico de sus establecimientos y eleven sus tickets medios a través de soluciones innovadores que pueden influir en las distintas fases del proceso de producción, distribución y comercialización.

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