Rusticae ‘charming hotels’

14 Jun 2011 icocase studies

Our client, Rusticae, is a hotel-quality club which has more than 200 hotels with a field-and-town character in which unforgettable experiences can be gathered. The company’s motto perfectly defines its activity: Rusticae ‘The goodlife company’. Rusticae competitiveness is directly associated with the capacity of attracting the ‘best charming hotels’ in the areas where it operates;…

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Roberto Verino, redefining the value and the opportunity territory of a brand

5 Jun 2011 icocase studies

It is not always the case that a prestigious brand active in the market coincides at the same time with a physical person and its vital course in time by means of an excellent product offer and retail model; on the contrary, today numerous brands have become marketing constructions developed as time went by or…

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Hot Secret

21 Apr 2011 icocase studies

New category for Women’s Secret One of the attitudes that define retailers consists of constantly thinking about products and services which can give satisfaction and solution to their target clients’ needs. On the basis of this pattern of action, the launching cadence of new proposals is usually higher than that of products launched by companies…

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Redefining a retail model: Imaginarium

10 Apr 2011 icocase studies

When we participated in the redefinition of the strategy of the well-known toy retailer Imaginarium, the first thing we did was define an opportunity ‘umbrella’ that would broaden the company’s field of action. With this purpose and after carrying out several processes of analysis of the existing knowledge of its structures (Knowledge Stock), contrasting them…

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How to reposition a classic? “El Casco”

9 Apr 2011 icocase studies

There have always been cases of products that exceed the dimension they were created for and are transported to a category of icons beyond their function, simply as a result of being objects. They are products which have become part of our lives’ imaginary and they constitute an active component of our culture. The fact…

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When a good product can create a category

24 Feb 2011 icocase studies

Comodynes: from the make-up remover napkin to practical cosmetics. There are products that emerge to satisfy a specific need but they do it with such distinction and strength that they become the origin of the creation of a new category of products worldwide. Comodynes was conceived as a make-up remover napkin developed by Dermofarm laboratories….

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From mass consumption codes to the small electrical appliance and cosmetics

5 Feb 2011 icocase studies

Ambience home design for Reckitt Benckiser. Our homes are swamped by offers of new products; the borderline between naturalizing their consumption and turning them into a single-use gadget is weak and very thin. The success attained by the fact that this type of products may not turn into a fast and fleeting consumption gadget depends…

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The creation of a new category for Zumex

20 Oct 2010 icocase studies

I have once heard the following comment: We live in a society in which if you are 2.10 m tall, you have good chances of becoming a social misfit; except if you play basketball! in which case you would stand a good chance of becoming a society star. The value is also a matter of…

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‘Alfa’ food preservation

27 Jul 2010 icocase studies

‘Alfa’ is undoubtedly one of the brands with the greatest history and recognition within the Spanish market. Originated in Eibar in the Basque Country and having developed its activity for more than 80 years, the popular ‘Alfa’ sewing machines have become part of our daily and iconographic history; its products, brands and advertising campaigns have become a referent of our design, marketing and advertising.

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(Español) En Loop trabajamos para que nuestros clientes de los sectores de Banca y Retail aumenten el tráfico de sus establecimientos y eleven sus tickets medios a través de soluciones innovadores que pueden influir en las distintas fases del proceso de producción, distribución y comercialización.

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