‘Alfa’ food preservation

‘Alfa’ is undoubtedly one of the brands with the greatest history and recognition within the Spanish market. Originated in Eibar in the Basque Country and having developed its activity for more than 80 years, the popular ‘Alfa’ sewing machines have become part of our daily and iconographic history; its products, brands and advertising campaigns have become a referent of our design, marketing and advertising.

Nowadays, the ‘Grupo Alfa’ is made up of 14 companies focused on three fields of activity: the small electrical appliance, industrialization in support of art and the industrial processes of cold stamping, machining and micro fusion. It employs approximately 800 workers.

Alfa Hogar’, the division of small electrical appliances (S.E.A.) from the group; ‘Alfa’ and Loop Business Innovation, have been working together for more than 5 years in the development of the market by means of categories or worlds of products; creating thematic ecosystems around a central technology; thus structuring the world of sewing (Alfa Costura) and the world of food preservation (Alfa C.A.).

Loop faces projects for the creation of categories by generating an ecosystem that comprises products, consumables and services. The category displays itself in concentric circles from the reference technology, the complementary products, the consumables and finally the services that aim at positioning the line, the information on use and the user loyalty by creating groups of excellence in the use.

With the purpose of structuring the world of food preservation, vacuum packing technology has been chosen as the structuring and differential axis of the category; defining along with it three different electrical appliances slanted by prices and provisions: ‘Alfa Box’, ‘Alfa Pencil’ and ‘Alfa Split’. Each of them is oriented towards different purchasing moments, consumption and markets. To the universe of main products, a series of accessories is added in order to focus on specific types of consumption: vacuum airtight containers, disposable plastic bags, among others, allow the preservation of solid, liquid and pap/puree products.

The technology of vacuum-packing has been chosen because it matches the social and consumption trends of new homes. The food preservation method has many advantages compared with traditional methods: food keeps its nutritional properties intact between 3 and 5 times more, as well as its colour, smell and taste; and as food does not come into contact with oxygen, there is no risk of oxidation and/or dehydration. This can all be translated into a better optimization of time and greater comfort for the user, who can make bigger purchases and take advantage of specific bargains, as food keeps its freshness for a much longer period of time.

The category and range of products has been developed and focused on a specific style of understanding life, home and consumption. By means of a rational and simple design, emphasis has been placed on finishes, considering quality as a right for everybody and product simplicity as a differentiating value, aiming at strength and durability in time. It is this philosophy that unites and unifies a world of categories so unconnected as sewing and vacuum packing.




(Español) En Loop trabajamos para que nuestros clientes de los sectores de Banca y Retail aumenten el tráfico de sus establecimientos y eleven sus tickets medios a través de soluciones innovadores que pueden influir en las distintas fases del proceso de producción, distribución y comercialización.

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